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The Alpaca Guardians:

Toma, Beverly and KarenOur alpaca guardian, Toma.

While Bob and I were learning all we could about the alpaca industry I came across an advertisement for guardian llamas. This peeked our interest since one of our concerns was predator protection, especially from coyotes, foxes and dogs.

We contacted the Guardian Llama Placement Program, Groton, VT. We discussed our needs and concerns as alpaca owners, and they agreed that a guard llama was exactly what we needed.

Our special guard llama is D & K’s Toma. He was born April 4, 1996 in Vermont where he grew up and did his training. He successfully completed all his training on several different farms and was screened and certified on August 15, 1998 as a member of The Guardian Llama Registry - Registration #0023. Toma is certified to guard sheep and alpacas. Alpaca Guardian: Toma

Toma arrived at Acorn Alpaca Ranch on November 17, 1998 along with our first alpacas. At that time he was barely larger then the alpacas, only 165 pounds, although very alert, inquisitive and friendly. Immediately we knew he was a guardian - he never missed a thing, always confronting possible trouble while keeping the alpacas safe.

Today Toma is a delight! He is 376 pounds and still growing! He loves attention, will eat from your hand, and enjoys walks, which enables him to explore the ranch on “the other side” of the fences. Toma loves to play with the cria. Although he is many times their size Toma is extremely gentle, never allowing any of them to wonder off without him. Toma is an excellent “cria-sitter.” Karen, guardian llama.

With our ranch and herd expanding quickly, we added two additional guard llamas in Oct. 2000: Balfour Karen and Balfour Beverly. Both girls immediately took their job seriously - they instinctively walked all the parameter fences and got to know all the alpacas, and of course their fellow Guardian Toma.

Toma took over the weanling, yearling, herdsire areas while Beverly and Karen remained with the many pregnant females and their cria. Karen particularly enjoys the cria, mothering them all. Toma spends most of his time with the yearling boys (teenagers) now but always has a watchful eye on the rest of the herd, including the newborns. He gets to know all the alpacas. Beverly, guardian llama.

In the evening Toma and/or the cria get the entire herd going. They race from the barn to the pastures, and back through the barn, then back to the pastures. It is such a delight to watch them.

With Toma, Karen and Beverly on guard, we have never lost an animal to a predator. We invite you to come and meet our wonderful llamas! We highly recommend llamas as herd guardians to anyone who raises alpacas, goats, sheep, horses, cows, geese, ducks, etc.



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